City of Bay St. Louis


Motion to follow the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation of approval for the applicants' request for a Variance to the Zoning Ordinance at 202 Union Street. Parcel #149L-0-29-178.000. Recommend approved 7-0




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Quintini -  Application for Variance to the Zoning Ordinance.  The applicants are asking to construct an accessory structure greater than fifty (50) percent of the floor area of the principle structure.  The applicants intend to demolish the existing carport and build a garage. The proposed structure will need a variance of 24% resulting in a total of 74% to the floor area. In addition, the applicants are asking for a 2’ variance resulting in a 3’ setback to the side yard and a 5’ variance resulting in a 0’ setback to the rear yard.  The property is located at 202 Union Street; Parcel #149L-0-29-178.000, 2nd Ward, Lot 274, Bay St. Louis.  The property is zoned R-3, Multi Family District.  Recommend  approved 7-0